C MAJOR Photography

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Having grown up and still residing in the beautiful Lake of The Woods in Morson, Ontario, it is no wonder Cindy is inspired to do photography. She feels that sometimes the pictures don’t show how much beauty she sees in the world but we would beg to differ.

We first started noticing her work on different social media platforms and found it easy to love every piece, especially her ability to capture an emotion in each photo.

Self-described as Artistic, Independent, Compassionate, Intuitive, and Wise beyond her years; just taking the time to sit with Cindy is always a privilege. When she is with you, you are her focus and you can watch her absorb your words, connecting, taking in a different perspective and embracing it.

Big dreams always follow us but she is proud to admit she’s still trying to figure it all out. “Don’t take life for granted. Live. Love. & Travel with your girlfriends. Cherish every moment of it!”

Of course Welded Hanger wanted to know what Cindy’s favourite piece of clothing was in her closet?

“My favourite thing to wear in my closet is my little black leather jacket. Goes with everything and anything.” – Cindy Major

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